Why Is Gun Control Bad

Even Dogs Commit Violence

Violence Isn’t A “Human” Thing

It may be difficult to understand how gun ownership and rights can coexist in a world facing so much violence and hate, but let’s take a closer look.

When you turn on your television and the first thing you hear is about a mother in Texas, Christy Sheats, shooting and killing her two daughters, it may cause some to ask ‘why is gun control bad’.

There is no easy or comfortable way to talk about someone losing their life at the hand of their loved ones or those who they thought would protect them. But the reality of the world we live in is that violence does and will continue to happen.

And it’s not even a human phenomenon, nor a modern thing. It is simply the nature of life and it has been since the dawn of man.

It’s a false sense of security to think that new gun laws would “prevent crime”, because that assertion is simply ludicrous and would require you to:

  • Forget that we already have laws on the books which prevent criminals from buying or owning firearms, AND Obama reduced federal gun prosecutions by 30% (look it up).
  • Completely erase the human nature of man, as well as all knowledge that we’ve gained from the recorded history of man… that is, men kill other men and commit truly horrendous acts like rape, torture and murder, and will never stop.
  • Long before modern firearms, governments and humans were killing and torturing others. It is human nature. Firearms have equalized the playing field if anything, giving the most vulnerable at chance at self defense.
  • Discount the truth, the cold hard facts, such as that national gun ownership has skyrocketed in recent decades, and yet crime has dramatically decreased. It’s a fact. Crimes depicted here in the first graph by the blue line, and gun owners by the orange line. As gun ownership rose, crimes decreased. Also, ironically, we have the Chicago experiment in the second graph below which proves, as we know from the “War on Drugs”, that you cannot simply outlaw crime, because by its very definition it is crime. Facts don’t lie, unless told by a progressive.

    Guns vs Crimes

    Chicago Handgun Ban and Crime

    Imagine That – Handguns outlawed in Chicago & then handgun crime skyrockets 40%. About as smart as the trillion-dollar WAR ON DRUGS that gave us even more drugs!

  • Taken further, in case you’re a numbers kind of person, the number of privately owned handguns has risen by over 50 million, while the percentage of the U.S. population living in states that have Right-to-Carry concealed handgun laws has risen from 29 percent to 74 percent, yet the nation’s violent crime rate has decreased 48 percent, to a 43-year low.

Yes, there will always be scattered cases where it could be argued that stricter laws could prevent mentally unstable persons from lawfully owning a gun (lawfully is the operative word there). However, what those arguments do is dismiss the good people who you NEVER hear about who were saved by having a firearm; you’re given a one-sided story from fake news.

We cannot, ever, prevent all crime. Many more people die from hammers or blunt objects than assault or hunting or varmint or ANY kind of rifle, combined! Also note in the graph below from the FBI that firearm deaths ARE actually decreasing, even though Obama had reduced gun prosecutions of existing laws! And progressives want even more laws?

Shooting Hacks

Make sure to note that 322 people died from rifles (every single type included, assault, hunting, target…) and 1,589 died from knives that year. Using my Kansas math, that is almost 5 TIMES as many people killed with knives than every type of rifle known to man!! Almost twice as many people died from blunt objects like hammers than from all types of rifles!!

See THIS article to learn how many people die from guns each year, and how many die from other causes.

WTF is going on here? Seriously, my fellow American, why are we having this discussion, and not discussing the atrocities being committed by our government, like the 20% graduation rate of black males youths in Detroit… that’s a world-wide headline story, but not one peep because it doesn’t affect power and control. And democrats did precious nothing to help them during Obama’s tenure, all while the city was ran into the ground by democrats. Hmmm.

Homicides By Weapon Type 2008 - 2012

Click on image to visit the FBI’s page

Please, stop right there and before you read another line just go quickly and read my article on why the 2nd Amendment still applies today, and have a look at the sickening degree to which men will go to kill so many others. America’s right to keep and bear arms was specifically about self-defense.

Why Gun Control Is Even An Issue

It truly is no mystery, and if you’re reading this and are skeptical, or are a progressive looking for ammo, consider this next point.

Mainstream Media Propaganda MillEvery dictator in the history of man has done one thing first and done it well, disarmed the victims that he was about to oppress… every time!

Stop, breathe in, and think for yourself for just a moment.

Over 100 years ago, before we even had witness to the evil and horrendous killings of the 20th century, a lawyer and scholar named St. George Tucker at the College of William and Mary wrote, after analyzing and reflecting on the 2nd Amendment, that:

The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any colour or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.

If you love this nation, at all, then reread that and let it soak in. Now stick with me for just a few moments I’ll show to you why its absurd, this progressive push for gun control.

Note: I’m a registered, former office-holding democrat. I despise the fanatical progressives who have taken over our party and are destroying our nation. I still believe in the values of our party but these idiots have gone way too far and now I can’t find anything sensible in what they argue for. But that’s another issue for another article.

For starters, we know without question that this new breed of democrats we call progressives are bred and trained to lie. It’s beyond the scope of what we used to expect from politicians; it’s serious, lock-step Stalin-like deception.

Check out this article on how badly Katie Couric lied to make gun owners look like idiots.

The next time you watch the national news channels, any of them, pay close attention and then ask yourself if they are really reporting, or “telling” you what happened and basically thinking for you? So do you really think you need someone to interpret and tell you what the news really means?

Then consider the abuse of Obama’s progressive government, like the IRS targeting opposition groups. The lies and cover-ups over Fast & Furious. The lies and cover-ups over Benghazi. The lies and cover-ups over Hillary’s careless and illegal use of private email for the most secret stuff of our nation, Obama inserting a shadow government which would go on to sabotage Trump’s administration (that’s straight up 3rd world) and it goes on and on and on.

But, despite that and so much more ($20 trillion in the hole, bah, big deal! Let any and everyone cross our borders, bah, who cares!), the liberal media covers it up with soft soap liberal stories and ball-busting conservative attacks. National figures (like Couric), Hollywood elites, these types of people come out in groves to fall in line with what everyone else is saying.

You won’t find a strict critique of the government abuses on NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, etc…  Only love and adoration and rainbows for progressives, and euphemisms for everyone else..

Lies & Deception You Say?

Think about this, once again proof of their outright lies and misinformation and deception. In 1999 the entire nation and both houses of Congress were pressing President Clinton to put a stop to Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Hmmm, really.

Then a few short years later the liberal media is all over George W. Bush and the headline is laughter and ridicule over Bush’s claim that Iraq had WMDs yet none were found.

So in 1998 President Clinton himself gave a briefing on Iraq and said without any confusion that Iraq had a program of creating weapons of mass destruction, period.  The guy who had been President for many years and had access to the intelligence, him saying that Saddam had these weapons, that we forget?

President Clinton’s National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, said of Saddam HusseinHe will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983.” Wow, so I guess the whole liberal media forgot all of this stuff and just felt the need to deceive the United States and make their party look good. Screw the nation, it’s all about the party!

In 1998 the U.S. Senate full of democrats sent a letter to President Clinton urging him to strike in Iraq to destroy the WMD’s! I mean come on people, and then the liberal media can somehow convince an entire nation of progressive dimwits that Bush was the real idiot for even suggesting that Saddam had these things?

How about the case of Obamacare. One of the architects of the state healthcare version which inspired Obamacare admitted, on record, that Obamacare was a turd and that had it been transparently presented to the public it would NEVER have passed.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Jonathan Gruber said the following in an interview discussing the healthcare law:

“And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”

So yea, they know they’re deceiving the public and they don’t care. And here’s a little tip… if someone lies openly about some things you can almost guarantee that they lie behind your back on other things. And I introduce to you progressives.

What’s The Point Of Progressive Lies

Why do they do it? Its called group think and the progressives have done a great job at convincing everyone that you have to be a bible-toting, wife-beater-wearing, red-neck-loving, small-town-living, non-seat-belt-wearing, animal-killing, homophobic, tobacco-using gun nut to not be a progressive. And it has worked!

Seriously, think about it… do YOU want to be labelled as one of those? It is 100% verbal bullying and it 100% has worked for progressives. At what point will people wake up?

Bible thumper. Gun nut. Red neck. Backwoods. Simple minded. Closed minded. Small town. Ewww, not me, I’m a cool progressive.

Colleges all over our nation are full of “cool guy” progressives who are indoctrinating our children, who grow up to be cool guys themselves. It used to be called brainwashing before liberals decided to follow Hitler’s and Stalin’s tactics. And progressives get away with calling the right the fascists because they control the media, there is absolutely no balance or accountability.

Watch the next liberal rally or demonstration, and look at the signs. Love Trumps Hate. Love Not War. Love Everyone. Then pan out to the rioting, the beating of opposition supporters, the calls for violence. Even loud-mouthed and aging has-been snowflakes like Bette “Don’t Call Me Plastic” Midler who self-appoint themselves as  loving peace-keepers, call for violence.

Isn’t she just lovely? Who, in their right mind, would speak out against the establishment and risk ridicule and public humiliation? Think it doesn’t happen? Then you’re a fool, just open your eyes and look.

This whole thing creates compliance and conformity, it’s exactly how Communist dictators ruled their people… again, roll your eyes if you must, or be mature and research this stuff yourself. It is 100% about compliance and conformity, the very things which this nation was NOT built upon.

America is about freedom and choice and liberty and rebellion. These euro-style progressives would much rather have you behave like a meek little Frenchman than an American patriot full of spunk and vigor… that type of person just can’t be controlled.

Judge Your Own Heart

So I guess I have a question for you. No one but you and I are here right now. They can’t read your mind. Do you really, truly, in your heart, believe that Americans should not have the right to defend themselves, and that the real issue with our crime problem is the 2nd Amendment and not cultural corruption? Seriously? Watch this short video, please.

If you’re still not convinced then I beg you, for the sake of fellow Americans like Kimberly Corban, to spend some of your time reading about the hundreds and thousands of victim stories of people who have a God-given and natural-born right to defend themselves, never mind that it is literally written into our Constitution.

When progressives dismiss the number of defensive uses of firearms, they’re almost always using deception and using only data that involves criminals killed by a victim in self-defense.

What they do not count is the number of times a victim saved themselves or someone else by brandishing a firearm, firing a warning shot, or just having their weapon seen in the holster by a criminal. Those numbers would tell a whole different story, one they don’t want you to know.

Or the fact that a study of imprisoned criminals found that 40 percent had decided not to commit one or more crimes for fear their prospective victims were armed. Come on, man… think for yourself.

Will you continue to be a meek person who has to have your thoughts fed to you or will you stand up like many of the people who are famous NRA members who’ve had enough? I pray you’ll come to your senses before progressives make us just another has-been nation, rather than the greatest country the world has ever seen.

So do you still think we need more gun control or less, or do we have it about right?






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