Is The Survival AR-7 The Ultimate Pack Rifle

Henry Arms US Survival AR-7Yesterday I talked about a crush I have on the Pack-Rifle by Mountain View Arms, due largely to its 15.5 ounces of indestructible sexy. However, it’s not perfect and since we’re on the hunt for the perfect pack or take-down rifle, we must (it’s a law) take a closer look at the Henry Repeating Arms U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle.

I know that you probably already know about the AR-7, but this is a journey among friends, a look and discussion about which one rifle serves the best as a 1) pack rifle, and 2) survival rifle.

Those are distinctly different parameters so let’s dig in. First a peek under the hood of the Survival AR-7 in 22 LR.

As you can see from the intro image, this thing packs so sweetly into the stock and makes for a very tidy, compact, and… waterproof water-resistant storage solution. Which is great! Think about the many scenarios in which you might pack or store your gun, or use it.

I think there are probably thousands of these stored underground in bug out locations. I know one of the top attributes of a pack rifle is weight, size and simplicity, and while this one seems like a weight hog when compared to the Pack-Rifle by Mountain View Arms, this one also has a lot of features that a lot people are willing to add extra weight for.

AR-7 Suntanning On The River

AR-7 Sun Tanning On The River

Like the water-resistant stock we just mentioned. The 8 round magazine. Semi-automatic fire. The full size-butt stock versus the simple rod style of the Pack-Rifle. Standard adjustable sight. And about $100 cheaper.

What are the specs? Let’s see:

Caliber: .22 LR
Capacity: 8 round magazine (comes with 2)
Length: 35″ assembled 16.5″ when stowed
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Stock: ABS Plastic
Sights: Adjustable rear, blade front
Finish: Teflon coated receiver and coated steel barrel
M.S.R.P. $290.00
Lets watch the Sensible Prepper walk us through how this one shoots and performs…

If these were boxers then we would have a problem, because one weighs in at 15.5 ounces and the other (this AR-7) comes in at a chubby, Bic Mac-eating 3.5 pounds.

However, I think that there are two distinct niches with this type of rifle.

One is as a pack rifle and in that case, weight is everything ans so for that use I’d without question go with the Pack-Rifle’s 15.5 ounces. That type of rifle is used to put a bird, squirrel or rabbit on your plate, and a last-ditch self-defense measure. It is more expensive by $100 or so , but for backpackers who pinch every ounce and every inch, that’s a price most of them will pay.

The other niche is the survivalist or prepper, or anyone who is looking for a packable, reliable, rugged and feature-rich .22 LR take-down that they can rely on to survive in many types of conditions. The .22 LR isn’t a big game hunter (though some people have taken larger game than this round is ideal for) but it is a great small game hunter and even a decent (when nothing else is available) self-defense option given that it sports an 8 round magazine.

I’ve never met a single person that would charge someone who was pointing a .22 at them. I imagine that in many cases a black bear or mountain lion would retreat after being dinged in the face with one, though obviously it could go the other way, but regardless, if the S is Hitting TF, it’s better than no option and better than a single shot option.

Now that we’ve looked at these two .22 rifles, which one do you like best and do you think these two are the reigning champs for their respective niches? Or is there another rifle I missed?



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