See This Rifle Barrel Split Like A Banana

Firearm failures are always, and I mean always, hotly debated when it comes to defining the cause of failure. In this video commenters leave opinions ranging from:

He must have been stalking in the rain with his barrel held vertical. If even one raindrop had found its way down the muzzle, the result would be what we see in this video.
I would wager this dumbass left a bore sighter in his gun, which will destroy any gun like a blocked exhaust will to your engine.

I hope the rain drop guy had time to think about his stupid answer… soldiers have been fighting in the rain for eons, and people have even fired their weapons totally submerged under water (see Myth Busters do it if you don’t believe me). Whatever the cause of this failure, they’re always fun to watch, so here you. The image used on the intro was from an article by Russ Chastain titled “Elmer Fudd, Anyone? Shotgun Barrel Goes Bananas”, which you can read over at (photo attributed to joshuajwitter)… check it out and see the cool story on their shotgun fiasco.


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