Remington’s R51 Pistol | Rough Ride

Remington R51 PistolWhen I look at the R51 I imagine James Bond, enjoying his favorite Martini, ready to grab on to the drapes and swing across the room. But looks aren’t everything, I know.

Remington’s latest semi doesn’t lack on marketing hype, and early reports from Shot Show 2014 yielded rave reviews. After the smoke cleared, however, not everyone is smitten with the R51. Though from many of the range reports I’ve read this one seems to be a solid shooter. It’s a compact and svelte little number that is also light on the wallet. Surprisingly, this one can be had right now for around $475

Heavy Recoil Image From TruthAboutGunsWhat isn’t so great is that it’s a nightmare to field strip; reassembly is way too complicated. If firearms forums are any measure of consumer sentiment, it’s clear that shooters aren’t happy about this major issue.

Another thing which stands out on the plus side are the smooth, rounded edges which help to prevent snagging and aiding in a quick draw.  Also, I love the contour rear site. I’ve always been trained in reloading weak hand or one-handed in general by activating the slide on the edge of my boot, counter top, or whatever edge is handy. The rear site on the R51 has a flatter forward side which makes this fairly simple to accomplish.

However, as you can see from this image in a review at the, the small frame makes for a rough ride during extended range time. They provide a really great review so be sure to check it out for more details if you’re thinking about buying one.

In the end, however, I don’t think this one is going to compete with others in its class because from a price/performance perspective you can easily get more elsewhere. Since I love the quality and design detail of Sig Sauer weapons, I’d likely recommend something like the Sig P938 over this one. But buffs with a little extra money might want one of these for nostalgia.

Here’s a quick video review from the NRA:


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