12 Gauge PVC Pipe Shotgun Barrel. Seriously?

This guy digs in to answer the age old question… can a PVC pipe fire a shotgun shell? LOL We’re about to find out! (Update – YouTube removed this video, of course)

So the question has to be asked… why? When other materials are available and for sure safer than PVC. Here’s a video of a $20 homemade shotgun which uses pipe and not plastic.

Now, if you want the step by step instructions that he used to build it, check out his article here: Homemade 12 Gauge Pipe Shotgun.

NOTE: All of these are for entertainment and fun, like a Hollywood movie, and not for you to run out and make. Be smart and be safe. Seriously, you can be hurt really bad or even killed trying to make or use these things; the metal version is for sure the safer of the two.  It’s good to know about these in case there’s ever a Zombie Apocalypse, but that’s the only way I’d make or fire a homemade or PVC pipe shotgun.


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