Man Wins Lawsuit Allowing Him To Open Carry At School

Kenneth Herman allowed to carry firearm at school

Image source: WOOD-TV

Regardless of the school district’s designation as a “gun free zone,” a Michigan judge ordered back in August that Kenneth Herman should be allowed to lawfully carry a weapon into the school as long as it is carried openly (not concealed). Citing state law the judge held that while carrying concealed inside a school would violate state laws, people who possess a Concealed Carry Permit are allowed to carry openly, even on school property.

Mr. Herman was quoted as saying “I think having law-abiding armed citizens in there provides some measure of protection that isn’t a glass door that can be broken out.”

I understand the thinking that leads progressives to believe that not allowing firearms on school property creates a safer environment, but in fact it’s a flawed premise because then any would be shooter has nothing (at all) stopping him/her from doing whatever it is they intend on doing and killing whoever they please. Drugs are illegal and strictly enforced at schools… but they’re everywhere!

As a former cop I can tell you that by the time the call goes out and law enforcement responds to an active shooter call, many people will almost certainly have died before they arrive on scene. However, if teachers and other lawful adults are allowed to carry firearms then they could’ve perhaps reduced the number of innocent people who died.

Preventing a “law-abiding” citizen from carrying a firearm does nothing to stop crime. If, as progressives fear, that gun owners can’t be trusted, then what would stop them from simply breaking the law and carrying on to campus anyway and doing whatever harm these idiots fear? Nothing? Exactly!

What do you think, should citizens have the right to open carry even on school property?


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