Largest Caliber Rifle Ever Made! The .950 JDJ Behemoth

Largest Caliber Rifle Ever MadeWhat does a WWI Battleship and some fellas from Knight Rifles have in common?

They’ve both fired rounds that could take out an airplane, or a tank for that matter.  In the video below you can see for yourself… it looks like a rifle but thumps like a rhinoceros.

Of course this is no ordinary, off-the-shelf hardware. It’s a specialty rifle made by SSK Industries, though you won’t find much information about the rifle on their website. According to reports, only 3 of these rifles were ever made and the custom-made rounds cost a whopping $40 a piece.


According to Knight Rifles, only 12 people have ever shot the .950 JDJ as a rifle and only 3 rifles were ever made. The one shown in this video was the first and the lightest, weighing in at 50 lbs., sporting a 2400 grain bullet and 240 grains of powder.

Just wow!


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