Did Katie Couric Really Lie About Gun Control

Katie Couric Wins Liar of the Year 2016

Katie Couric Liar of the Year

In what seems to be a revelation about the true character of these people that progressive minions hold so dear, Katie Couric has shown that she’s willing to lie and deceive, to distort or omit the truth, in order to manipulate and essentially brainwash the people who think that progressives have the right answers… well when they openly and willingly manipulate facts to get their answers, I guess they kind of do have the right answers.

Imagine how it must feel to be a progressive and know without question that your news sources are lying to you or are willing to lie to you at any turn?

Make no mistake, what the liberal media does in order to manipulate their followers is exactly brainwashing, and this type of example only highlights and proves it. It’s the exact kind of thing you see in totalitarian places like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran… places where they blatantly and openly lie and manipulate facts just to brainwash their lessors, the subjects.

Iraq had Baghdad Bob, or Comical Ali as the Brits called him, and we have Cunning Couric. Nice.

The issue we’re discussing is, in case you missed it, that in the documentary (term used loosely, of course) titled “Under The Gunand created by Couric and the other ethically corrupted people she could find who were willing to purposely deceive the American public, they took one question from Couric’s interview with Philip Van Cleave, the president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, and turned it into a made-for-tv-drama complete with empty stares and everything short of crickets in the background.

I’d like to know how many people knew about the defamation / misrepresentation of these people and their organization, and yet said nothing. When and if the lawsuits start flying I hope they dig and go after every last one of them who participated in essentially a fraudulent act. And every single person should be called out publicly for knowing about it and doing or saying nothing.

#GunGate isn’t going away.

Couric asked the question, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?” Well, just watch the ridiculous manipulated version below and watch how inept and stupid the gun rights advocates are made to look. By the way Couric, it already is a law that felons cannot legally buy or posses a firearm. And terrorists? Really? So you have a list of these terrorists and are waiting until the try to buy a gun to stop them? Wow. Anyway, on to the liberal propaganda.


So Couric asks a stupid question because there already exists background checks, and in truth they actually did answer correctly and right away, but instead these progressive liars edit it out to make it look like the Virginia Citizens Defense League is made up of a bunch of idiots who cannot for the life of them muster up a response, instead resorting to empty, confused stares at each other.

Omitting and substituting for the truth is lying, go ask any 5th grader and see what they say.

Then go ask any progressive liberal and see what they say about this Couric fiasco, and then you’ll understand the problem in America.

Why in the hell are more democrats not finally throwing their hands up and reclaiming their love for this country? I’m a registered democrat and proud of it, but I cannot stand progressives; they’re the worst of our nation and their willingness to do any and everything for their cause shows that their interest is in them and their class, not the health of our nation.

Here’s the audio of the interview that fortunately these people made themselves, otherwise they would’ve been helpless to borderline libel by omission. It was provided to the Washington Free Beacon. It reveals the real question and answers and NOT the dumbfounded silence that Couric edited to make it look like happened.


How much do progressives lie? Well, as of right now (June 02, 2016 @ 3:20 PM) I did a Google search with the term “katie couric admits lying on gun control” and imagine my surprise (sarcasm inserted) that other than NPR.com, no other large liberal-leaning media outlet shows up on the first few pages of Google search, meaning they haven’t “covered” the story correctly, they’re downplaying it with headlines like theguardian.com‘s “Katie Couric gun control film entangled in #Gungate and a question of ethics “. Awww, isn’t that just nice and soft of them.

See, there’s a difference between telling a story and making up a story, and you don’t get to call it “creative editing” when you get caught outright lying to, and manipulating the weakest minded Americans who happen to think you have the right cause. It’s a lie and you’re a liar, simple and succinct as that. In fact, Couric, given your position of trust and authority you’re actually the lowest of scum because you would willingly do something so deceitful.

And I know that these liberal outlets have touched on the story,  they’ve likely just watered it down to the point that Google’s search algorithm didn’t detect their print stories as being among the most relevant for this search term because, well, the words they used didn’t align as much with the meaning “katie couric admits lying on gun control”, which ultimately means they’re covering it up (or dissuading people from worrying about it) by minimizing it or not even discussing it; and that’s their intent isn’t it?

Hell, even publications like The Washington Times ran articles with headlines like “Gun supporters claim Katie Couric documentary deceptive“.  So by all means, let’s go out of our way in true American media style and give liberals these incredible passes, like Clinton letting Americans get murdered in Benghazi or Obama apologizing to the Mexicans for America’s gun culture and for our use of the drugs they make and smuggle illegally over here.

Anyway, back to this liar Couric. So the over-arching story isn’t that this huge public figure didn’t just LIE, she surreptitiously used deception to alter public opinion on a matter which directly affects the 2nd Amendment and people’s lives, and which divides this nation.

Wow.  At first she even was ballsy enough to defend the act, by stating in a statement to The Washington Examiner that she was “very proud of the film” and that she stood by her director. It wasn’t until later when she recognized that Americans caught on and were pissed that she and others involved began scrambling and then all of the sudden some people discovered they were “sorry”. Right.

Hell, even her own people can’t stand her. According to this article at PageSix.com, she wasn’t liked and isn’t welcome back to NBC’s Today.

Here’s what an NBC insider had to say about the darling Couric… “And the truth is she isn’t welcome back at ‘Today.’ There’s still a lot of people at the show who worked with her back in the day, and she wasn’t very nice to work with, especially toward the end.” Yikes! What a legacy.

I wonder how she feels having her sound bytes edited like the parody below which takes some “creative liberties” with her interviews, and makes her look like the idiot that she is. Come on people, you can do better than that, let’s see some creativity… the gauntlet has been thrown down, who has the best Couric Parody from creative editing of her public video and sound bytes?



America, for so many decades, was looked upon with jealous, envious eyes by the entire planet; thanks almost exclusively to capitalism and the life and hope of progress that it offered. The trillions upon trillions of dollars that we’ve given to the world in aid, the unbelievably huge loss of blood and life that we’ve sacrificed to the world so that others may live in peace and safety from tyranny, yes, so much we’ve given the world yet we’re the terrible ones.

In contrast, the scourge of the world has been known to be communism, which produces defunct manufacturing, atrocious economies, and corrupt governments that often involve literal crimes and brutality. The close cousin to communism, socialism, is also proving to be impossible to maintain as countries like Greece highlight that you can only take so much and that there’s only so much you can “spend” to get votes and support, without it eventually having catastrophic consequences. Other European nations are about to follow suit as this experiment comes to a crashing close.

In the meantime, will America fall, too, because we let the idiots run the ship?

These “Hippies 2k“, as I like to call the euro-envy progressives, they buy in to the myth that America is THE problem, that capitalism is bad, all the while they’re relishing in the life that this system brought them, or allowed them.

We spend more now, per child, on education than ever in our history yet we still have problems like only 20% of black males graduating high school in Detroit? Seriously? And progressives want to claim that we need more money for education… that will fix it up? Just like circumventing the 2nd Amendment will reduce the crime rate, or the trillion dollar war on drugs will stop drug abuse. Got it!

We need to ban progressives from this nation like the plague that they are and get back to common sense and not common core. We need to get to work helping the neediest among us become independent and not “dependent” on the state so that they’ll keep voting democrat for their existence… that’s no life and it’s the shameful truth and reality behind the progressive movement; they’ve unlocked the code that says that if you keep people down, just enough, and if you cause a divide, just enough, that you’ll have an ever-lasting supply of voters.

But muddled amongst it all is some truth.

Education is everything and Bernie is on to something (well, actually it’s the only thing I’ve found which he’s right on) with his idea to ensure that every American has the right to free higher education. Why not? It’ll make America a greater, more productive nation and give more citizens the ability to provide for themselves and follow their dreams and reduce their dependence on the nanny state. This is precisely where right and left need to meet. In the middle on ideas that are good for us all and bad for no one.

If you’re a democrat like I am then I urge you with all sincerity to stop and think about your country, this truly glorious and great nation, and ask yourself if you’re really in it to destroy this place just so you can be cool and align with the popular progressives and the Hollywood socialists who want to control you, to share YOUR money, not theirs, like the true elitists that they are.

If not, then it’s time to stop feeding the progressive animals and standing up for this nation and our rights. Stop acting like it’s a political football game. I could care less which party has office, I want someone who will cherish this nation as much as I do and who will ensure that my grand kids have a great America to live in, too.

If we want to really create social justice then let’s actually roll up our sleeves and tackle inner-city issues so these kids have a fair chance at growing up to be productive citizens with good lives and families. It’s this inner city problem that gives rise to a majority of firearms-related crimes.

If we really care, then let’s actually work on fixing the problem and not whittling away at our Bill of Rights in order for politicians and elitist progressives to convince their masses that there is a war to be fought, that there are lines of separation, that there is a cause larger than themselves, that there is cause to donate your money to (and donate it now by the way), that we need more taxes for more government spending even if we can’t manage what we already spend. It goes on and on the madness.

Will you be a part of stopping or fueling it? Sometimes being cool means doing what’s right.

To read more on my take on this whole gun rights debate and the 2nd Amendment, be sure to bookmark and read my article Gun Control Facts.

George Orwell is someone to be admired for his insight and naked opinions. He abhorred imperialism and wastefulness that allowed others to do without. But he recognized the qualities of capitalism and conservatism even while he practiced social fairness. He was opposed to the false sense of justice and righteousness that so many claim, but these days it seems more appropriately applied to progressive think. Here are a few of my favorite Orwell quotes:

Progress is not an illusion, it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing.

Those who ‘abjure’ violence can do so only because others are committing violence on their behalf.

So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.


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