Is This The Fastest Man Alive? How Fast Is Howard Darby?

Let’s be honest, the guys shooting fast draw these days are much faster than gunslingers in the old west were in real life. They have better guns and holsters, and the knowledge of technique. And there’s perhaps none faster than Howard Darby, who holds numerous records.

Times vary based on the event (distance and target), but he can safely shoot you in less than 3/10’s of a second! If you were to spit, he’d empty out his revolver on you before your spit hit the ground. On a standing wax target at 5’ he fired 5 rounds in 1.360 seconds (see records).

According to his own website, he: “currently holds twenty-one world records in the sport of Fast Draw, and has won seventeen world titles. In addition, Howard is the current World Fast Draw Fastest Gun Alive. The F.G.A. is one of the most prestigious titles in the sport of Fast Draw, and uses a format combining both Index and Elimination styles of shooting to create a contest that truly tests the top shooters in the sport. This contest is held every few years and attracts the fastest guns in Fast Draw.”

So yea, he’s fast. You can see the world record holders in Fast Draw at the World Fast Draw Association (linked to above). Here’s Howard in action:

Part of the trick in trick shooting and fast draw is that they use blanks or wax bullets. I’m pretty sure most people are going to slow it down a bit if they’re shooting real bullets. Granted, as Howard explains in the video below, even wax bullets can be lethal so there’s still some element of risk. Here’s a great intro to using wax bullets to practice.


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