Donald Trump – Flip, Flop Or Flap?

President Donald J. Trump

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Update Nov 12, 2016 – How could I not update this post once again? So much has changed in those months since this was first posted in Sept 2015. I’ve gotten to see and learn so much about President Donald Trump that I’m angrier than I’ve ever been at the liberal media.

The hatchet job that they did on him, the character assassination, in an attempt to guarantee their puppet (Clinton) a victory is beyond anything I ever thought I would see with my own eyes in this country.

Like many other people, I was really doubtful about his capability, credibility and integrity, based mostly on what I had read or heard about him from that same media. Now of course, I know better and couldn’t be happier with our new President.

And look at how well they’ve brainwashed the most vulnerable in our society… the youth and least educated, the neediest who they’ve trained to depend on the handouts for their very survival.

These spoiled and morally-challenged kids are crying and calling Trump supporters bigots and all sorts of names, then, all while carrying the “LOVE Trumps HATE” banners, they threaten violence and even death on Trump and his supporters (you know, since love trumps hate and all, how fitting), and do millions of dollars in damage across American cities…. and liberals are proud of THOSE lawless thugs?

Or the worst of this all is the black community which has been decimated by progressives… FOR DECADES. Think about it like this. If you live in the inner city of Detroit where there are zero jobs and zero prospects, are YOU going to vote for the party or candidate who threatens to reduce or eliminate your welfare benefits?

Exactly. And while I can’t prove it, I have no doubt whatsoever that the elites who are funding and directing the progressive movement know exactly what they’re doing and even go so far as to talk about keeping the black community dependent on them.

Ironically, what people want and need are jobs and opportunities, the very things a guy like Trump offers. Maybe as some experts are predicting, the fall of the democratic-progressive machine is before us.

It’s a shame really, that any sane, educated adult can in good faith have openly supported someone like Clinton with all of her corruption and proven buy-outs by foreign governments like Saudi Arabia… I have no idea what the hell people are thinking who throw common sense out the window and overlook all of the evidence, just so “THEIR CANDIDATE” can win, or THEIR party. It’s a juvenile and petty phenomenon that maybe someday someone will explain.

And maybe the tide is turning and people, like me (and you, maybe), are starting to see the truth and even our own culpability in things.

Bottom line, it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that President Donald J. Trump was the right candidate at the right time. To the corrupt Clintons… piss off! I hope you choke on those millions you stole from American taxpayers or the blood money you took from terrorists like Saudi Arabia. I hope the ghosts in your closets literally come back to haunt you. Goodby and good riddance.


Update July 21, 2016 – Some time has elapsed since I wrote this article and I felt compelled to update it since my position has shifted pretty strongly from the time I wrote this originally and today, the end of the Republican National Convention and Trump’s acceptance speech.

First, I feel duped that I had a somewhat misleading opinion of Trump thanks largely to things that I had read about him. Now, especially after this week and watching how so many people have endorsed and love him, I feel very strongly about supporting him. I don’t agree with everything he stands for, but the primary thing I care about (as you well know by now) is the security of the 2nd Amendment and all of our rights. On that front Trump is the only choice.

But now I feel like he’s much more genuine than I had thought possible. Yes, he comes across a certain way, but he’s self-made and hard-working and loyal and all the things I find it easy to stand behind. His position on things like protecting every American, even those in the LGBTQ community, spoke volumes about his real character.

What’s that, you say? He’s only pandering for votes? Oh, I see, and risking such a statement at the RNC where they openly oppose the LGBTQ rights to some degree was a power play by Trump? If anything it was a very risky move but one that was necessary to 1) take some control and leadership of that party and 2) ensure the fence-riding community that he’s sincere. I heard a few booes during that segment of his speech, but overwhelmingly I think even Republicans are willing to embrace change behind Trump.

Bottom line, and this will be my last update to this post (I think) – if you love guns, if you love America, if you think it’s time for a serious cleaning in D.C., then by all means join the Trump train, stand up and be heard and let’s show just a tiny bit of the courage that Trump is showing.

Update May 20, 2016 – The NRA endorsed Donald Trump on Friday ending any and all doubt that you and I as 2nd Amendment supporters have no choice but to likewise get behind Trump and aggressively donate to the campaign but also become activists.

I think Trump has clearly laid his name, reputation and political career on his unyielding support for the 2nd Amendment, despite his previous flip-flops. He literally gave the NRA his word in his speech that he would fight for and support the 2nd Amendment without question… if he fails on that promise the consequences for him would be enormous.

We’re letting the loud-mouthed 5% of the fringe left run our nation and its time the rest of us stand up and be heard. If Hillary wins the election it’s without question and undeniable that our 2nd Amendment rights will never be the same. She will appoint Supreme Court justices over the course of her likely 8 year reign of terror and they will be power-mongering leftists just like she and Sanders are, people who want to control every facet of your life and milk your pay checks for every penny they can.

Update May 5, 2016 – Since he’s now the presumptive nominee for the Republican party it’s time to put away dislikes and differences. As a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter I cannot in good conscience vote for either Hillary or Sanders… leaving Trump as the best option out of 3 less than ideal choices. I hope he waffles away from a stance he took as a democrat in 2000 when he supported an assault weapons ban. But the thing is, we KNOW Clinton and Sanders will take strong anti-gun actions so Trump becomes the lessor of the 3 evils. VOTE TRUMP!!

Original post below…

So which Trump would actually show up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue if elected? The one who acts like a strong patriot, constitutional supporter and conservative citizen, or the one who wrote that he “supports a ban on assault weapons and longer waiting periods on gun purchases,” according to this Business Insider Article?

The article writes that Trump, back in 2000, wrote in his book “The America We Deserve,” that he does in fact support stiffer gun laws. A Stark contrast to what the now Presidential Candidate wants conservative voters to believe.

In the video below, on the “Warrior Woman” channel, she claims (and backs it up with the link above and this one) Trump is a phony and will do anything to get votes and attention.

This article in the Chicago Tribune quotes Trump as having written:

I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,” he wrote then. “With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72 hours if a potential gun owner has a record.

In that Washington Post article they write about how Trump “DIRECTLY” helped get Democrats elected so that they had a majority and could pass Obamacare, yet now (to get votes from Republicans) he runs his flapper none stop about ditching Obamacare. Never mind that the blowhard was a filthy rich Democrat a few years ago and got the thing enacted to begin with. In part, the Washington Post writes:

As Trump knows, money talks — and Trump has given more than $100,000 to the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees. In 2006 — the year Democrats took back Congress — he gave $25,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (while his son Donald Trump Jr. gave $22,500). They gave Republican committees just $1,000 that year.

In other words, Trump wanted Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the House and Harry Reid the Senate majority leader.

Which is not surprising. At the time he made those contributions, from August 2001 to September 2009, Trump was a registered Democrat. (He had been registered in New York first as a Republican, then a member of the Independence Party, then a Democrat, then a Republican again, and then became unaffiliated.)

Everyone has to do their own homework and make their own opinion. But it seems as obvious as can be that Trump will do mostly anything to get favor and votes, for whoever will sell them. Will you? If you’re a conservative, think about who TRULY holds your values. If you’re a moderate, think about who is honest and forthright… or would you truly knowingly elect someone who is openly disingenuous?

No gun control means just that, no gun control. Not a little, or just a tad. NO GUN CONTROL.

Why can’t we get back to a time when people mean what they say and actually say what they mean? If there’s a reason for a candidate to flip flop then say so. Otherwise how are we supposed to trust you with the keys to the castle?



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