Can Terrorists Legally Buy Guns In America

Terror Suspects Passing Background Checks For Firearms

We Need To Improve Background Checks

I have a problem with terror suspects buying guns in America.

I consider myself an ultra-strong 2nd Amendment supporter… there is no gray area as it relates to a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, and any infringement upon that is an infringement upon the lives that were lost fighting to secure our freedoms and way of life.

Those brave Americans did not suffer and die so that we could live like Europeans… they did so in order that we can shine the brightest light for freedom that the world has ever seen. But to the point on whether or not terror suspects should be able to buy firearms in this country…

there is no way in hell.

A “citizen” loves their country and their people. These people (terror watch suspects) are not citizens in that sense and should never be afforded the rights and protections that “citizens” enjoy, or the opportunity to destroy our people and our way of life.

Why The Hoopla?

Well, Senator Feinstein has done one thing right, it seems, in her career. She requested information from the United States Government Accountability
Office (GAO) regarding terror suspects seeking to buy firearms, and the consequences of their background checks. What she found is summarized in this snippet of the reply letter from the GAO that she received, dated March 7, 2016 (read the letter here):

Specifically, from January 2015 through December 2015, FBI data show that individuals on the terrorist watch list were involved in firearm-related background checks 244 times, of which 223 (about 91 percent) of the transactions were allowed to proceed and 21 were denied.

That is just ridiculous and one more in a mile long list of reasons why Obama is a traitor to this nation. We know that federal firearm crimes are being prosecuted about 30% less than before he took office, never mind the loud-mouthed rhetoric that he desperately wants to curb gun violence, now we find that 223 terror watch list suspects purchased firearms in America in 2015? Wow, just wow!

I’ll fight and die for your right to own a firearm and to defend yourself. While progressives laugh at such statements, it’s only because people were actually willing to fight and die for freedom in the first place that progressive socialists are able to live in freedom and peace, and to spit in the face of the system that gives them that right.

I admire George Orwell as readers here know, and here’s where another one of his great quotes fits perfectly:

Those who ‘abjure’ violence can do so only because others are committing violence on their behalf.

Americans Enjoying 2nd Amendment Rights

Americans being Americans!

With that preface in mind, however, there is no way in God’s green earth that any sane nation would let people who possibly/likely want to kill them, buy and possess firearms to do just that.

In every instance of the 2nd Amendment reference that I can find, when they contemplated the 2nd Amendment, our forefathers envisioned the threat of tyrannical governments and dictators that attempt to oppress their people.

Read my article on Gun Control and scroll down that page to see what some of our founding fathers and early American scholars thought about the intention of the 2nd Amendment.

The right to bear arms is an inherent human right (as it relates to self-defense), since the right to self-defense has been called by many scholars the 1st law of nature. More specifically according to our Bill of Rights, it means that citizens have the right to keep and bear arms so that they can hunt or defend themselves, or even repel or prevent an oppressive American government.

Defending the people of this nation from our government is not the same intention or purpose that these terror suspects have in mind when they’re purchasing a weapon or explosives, and therefore they shouldn’t be afforded the same rights.

What Should We Do?

Terror suspects have in mind the destruction of this nation and people.

If someone is on a terror watch list it means at the very least that their rights should be “suspended” for a defined period of time pending an investigation by an unbiased and joint panel, and in my opinion this needs to become a function that exists jointly between the executive and legislative branches to prevent over-reach and abuse.

I’d like to see the forming of a permanent, bi-branch panel which is comprised of members of the executive (F.B.I., for example) and legislative branches, perhaps members of the House and Senate Committees on Terrorism, and let this panel have the SOLE authority to review suspected terrorists and place them on the permanent no-fly, no-gun list. This would prevent an abusive executive, like Obama and his IRS thugs who target opposition, from placing normal Americans on this list.

Imagine, if you will, someone with no ethics like Obama having the authority to, at the stroke of a pen, call every NRA member a “potential” domestic terrorist. That’s why a joint panel for something like this is not only prudent, but mandatory. And it should be only by majority vote of the panel that a person be placed on the terror watch list, effectively ending many of their rights as an American citizen.

Once a person is placed on the terror watch list by the panel, then and only then would the executive branch have control and oversight regarding their management.

It’s also why we can NEVER allow them to slip some legislation through which gives these power-hungry and corrupt progressives the ability to label any American a terrorist at whim, effectively ending the 2nd Amendment. The executive branch should NEVER be given control over something so critical to our very survival as a nation. We need to have measures in place which prevent abuse and prevent good citizens from having their rights unfairly stripped of them.

This is something that every true-blooded American, regardless of political affiliation, should be able to get behind. This ensures that only people who are real threats to our nation have their rights stripped away. It falls in line with what I think our forefathers would’ve thought had this issue been presented to them.

Not every Muslim wants to harm America or our people, so we must ensure that at every cost we’re carefully and diligently scrutinizing this terror watch list. We have a lot of Muslim Americans and I have zero doubt that a LOT of them do not like or support our country, or our way of life, but they don’t want to destroy it by violence either; being Muslim doesn’t alter their right to gun ownership. It’s only the act of wanting to harm citizens that classifies them as terrorists and not the act of being Muslim.

Please, for the sake of all things that smell like gunpowder, share this article with your friends and share your opinion on this.

We have to make it known that we can, as patriots and staunch 2nd Amendment supporters, find a common ground and protect our nation without laying a finger upon the most sacred of rights, our right to keep and bear arms.

What do you think about this whole issue?


GAO Update on Firearm and Explosives Background Checks
9-in-10 on terror watch list who sought guns were approved in 2015


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