Half Of America Doesn’t Trust Government – Gallup Poll

Let’s be honest, this isn’t really surprising too many people who don’t rely on liberal media to tell them how to think. The government is corrupt (all governments, really), and is made up of men and women who have faults, weaknesses and character flaws like the rest of us, yet we’re “surprised” when we hear about scandals, corruption and crime in their ranks.

And then, as if to flip their noses at common sense and human nature, liberals would prefer to yield all power to these muppets. That’s the amazing thing.

When I read this article from the Gallup poll highlighting the results of their study I wasn’t at all surprised. By the way, you can read their article in full here at Gallup, it’s titled “Half in U.S. Continue to Say Gov’t Is an Immediate Threat.” The study found that:

Almost half of Americans, 49%, say the federal government poses ‘an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens,’ similar to what was found in previous surveys conducted over the last five years. When this question was first asked in 2003, less than a third of Americans held this attitude.

Gallup Poll Government Trust 2015
Granted, we all know that polls fluctuate along with opinions, but this trend has gradually increased since 2003, even during times of Republican control. Perhaps this explain why so many people, across all demographic segments, have migrated to the Libertarian party. It makes sense. We know governments are corrupt. We know that human nature explains this. So why then would anyone yield so much power to men and women who we know are going to eventually abuse that power and authority? Maybe our founding fathers weren’t so stupid after all.

When it comes to the reasons that people give for their level of distrust, the poll shows that the top two reasons are that the government is too big and that there are too many violations of people’s civil/constitutional rights being suffered. Gallup presents this graphic to explain the reasons.

Gallup Poll Government Trust Reasons 2015

This is a great study and it’s a worthwhile read, so head over to Gallup.com and have a look. Graphs property of Gallup.



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