600 Yards With A .22? Oh, You Have To See This!

These guys are landing some incredible shots with a .22! Granted, they’re using a Anschutz 1913 Super Match with some sweet optics, but nothing takes the hellasiousness (yep, it’s a word) out of this video! Congrats guys, well done.

“Shooting 600 Yards with a .22 Long rifle at getting lots of hits on a 3ft square target!

There is a delay of about 2.5 – 3 seconds from the shot being fired to the sound of the hit traveling back to us, just listen for it and you will distinctly hear the ping off the target down range a few seconds after the shot goes off.

After we got sighted in which took an adjustment of a few feet to get on target we took 50 shots and tried to get as many hits as we could. We were fighting the wind the entire time. There are a lot of cuts because we didn’t want to shoot when the wind kicked up since it would throw us off target.

The hits on the sign look insignificant but we shot the sign later with a .22 pistol and the rounds didn’t go through even at close range so that give you an idea of how tough the sign was. The bullet has approximately 29 ft/lbs of energy on impact at 600 yards by our calculations so that’s still a decent bit. We had to compensate for 888 inches of Bullet Drop at 600 yards. To do this we had to cant the scope so we could put the cross hairs on the target when we were shooting. Check out my video link at the end of the video for how we setup the rifle more in depth. Here is the link to a video on how to setup a scope to make the shot like we did. How to get the scope angle right for the distance and the rifle ammo etc that you are shooting with long range.”


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