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Widow alleges that the killer warned them



Widow alleges that the killer warned them

OMAHA (CN) – According to the husband of a lady he did murder, Nebraska’s prison superintendent severely cut mental health services to convicts and freed one man despite his repeated claims that “he did not want to be released into the community because he will kill people.”

Michael-Ryan Kruger asserts that Robert Houston, the previous director of corrections, gave the order to drastically reduce the amount of mental health care offered to inmates, which led directly to his wife’s death on August 21, 2013. In Douglas County Court, Kruger filed lawsuits against Nebraska, Houston, and other prison officials.
Houston allegedly gave the department’s behavioural health administrator, Cameron White, a list of inmates in the spring of 2013 that contained hundreds of names of people whose treatment status he wanted changed from inpatient to outpatient care, and instructed White to cut the inpatient treatment program’s duration from 10 months to 6 months, according to Kruger.

According to Kruger, the change in status instantly qualified those prisoners for release.
Nikko Jenkins, a violent criminal with a history of hallucinations, was one of them. He claimed to have heard the voice of an Egyptian god telling him to hurt others.
Jenkins had been incarcerated for 1012 years when he was assessed for release. During that time, the complaint claims, he committed multiple violent crimes, including assaulting a prisons officer, attacking other prisoners, participating in gang activities, and having a dangerous weapon.

Dr. Natalie Baker, a defendant who works as a doctor at the Tecumseh State Prison Facility, allegedly “raised worries about validating the absence or presence of a mental disease in Jenkins” on March 4, 2013, according to Kruger.
Kruger claims in the lawsuit that Jenkins frequently informed staff assessors between March 5 and 7, 2013, that he did not want to be released into the community because he would kill people.
Nevertheless, Kruger claims that the defendants simply performed a quick extra evaluation before releasing Jenkins.
“In performing the evaluation and diagnosis set forth above, defendants acted with deliberate disregard to the established policies, practises or customs government treatment and incarceration, which resulted in the injuries sustained by Andrea Kruger, failed to follow generally accepted medical practises, and in general showed no common sense, given Jenkins’ persistent history of psychotic behaviour and ongoing attempts to get himself committed to the Lincoln Regiment.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Andrea Kruger was taken from her sport utility vehicle in a late-night carjacking, shot four times, and left for dead in the middle of a street in northwest Omaha.
Jenkins was found guilty in April of murdering Kruger and three other people over the period of 11 days.
Jenkins refused to contest the charges of murder. He claimed, according to KETV-TV in Omaha, that he did not pull the trigger and that the four killings were the result of demons during a meandering and frequently nonsensical address to Douglas County Judge Peter Bataillon in the courtroom.
Whether the death penalty should be applied will be decided by a three-judge panel.
In addition to damages for wrongful death, carelessness, and infliction of emotional distress, Kruger demands reimbursement for medical and burial costs.
Vincent Powers of Lincoln is his principal attorney.

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The release of “The Witcher 3” and “Cyberpunk 2077” for the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2022 is “on track.”



The release of "The Witcher 3" and "Cyberpunk 2077" for the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2022 is "on track."

The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, which are slated for release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, respectively, are “on track” for their scheduled release dates, according to publisher CD Projekt.

How esports broadcaster Erin Ashley Simon distinguished herself from the competition
Both titles “are on pace to fulfil their goal dates,” according to the Polish company’s most recent quarterly financial performance report, which was picked up by VGC. Both games’ improved editions were were scheduled to release this year, but on October 29 they were confirmed as being postponed until 2022.

The next-gen versions are on track to fulfil their target dates, which are listed as Q1 2022 for Cyberpunk 2077 and Q2 2022 for The Witcher 3, according to slide shows from the report, which can be viewed in full on CD Projekt’s investor page (as a PDF).

Although no additional information is provided, the presentation also mentions that CD Projekt will “gradually migrate to new projects while continuing supporting Cyberpunk 2077.”

Despite having been in development for more than eight years, Cyberpunk 2077’s original release in December 2020 was criticised for its shoddy presentation and a number of flaws. Nevertheless, developer CD Projekt RED has been updating and improving it over the past year. In a recent statement, it predicted that the game would “sell for years” and eventually “be viewed as a perfect game.”

The studio recently thanked gamers for an increase in the number of favourable reviews for the game, indicating that the company’s efforts are starting to pay off as well. The Steam rating for Cyberpunk 2077 has been raised to “Mostly Positive” overall and a net “Very Positive” for recent reviews. The Witcher 3’s rating, which has been at “Overwhelmingly Positive” for seven years, reflects the fact that it is still a popular favourite. The new-gen enhancements will be provided to owners of either game when they become available in 2019.

In other developments, 34% of gamers who were asked why they skipped Call of Duty: Vanguard said they were sick of the franchise or needed a break from it.


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Natalie Portman comments on Millie Bobby Brown seeming like a younger version of herself.



Natalie Portman comments on Millie Bobby Brown seeming like a younger version of herself.

What Natalie Portman feels about comments that Millie Bobby Brown resembles a younger version of her has been made public.

Here you may purchase merchandise from Stranger Things.
Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman resemble one another, according to fans who have been speculating that they are one and the same person.

Even Portman parodied Brown’s Eleven from Stranger Things in a recent Saturday Night Live skit.

When questioned about the rumours, Portman has since informed MTV News: It’s a fantastic spectacle. A few months ago, Millie and I met at the Golden Globes. People keep saying I look like the kid version of you, she said as she approached me.

She’s very talented and absolutely adorable, so I was so flattered,” Portman continued. “That is very wonderful, but I think you’re your own magical person, I’m like,’ I said. However, it was entertaining to acknowledge that on SNL.

She added, “I feel that there is something there, but I also find her to be much more magical than I see myself to be. She’s incredibly fantastic. In response to Portman’s remarks, Millie Bobby Brown tweeted: “Was a dream come true meeting Natalie! Such brilliance and beauty.” At the Women’s March 2018 in Los Angeles, Portman discussed how her first fan mail was a “rape fantasy” written by a man, how a local radio station started counting down to the day she would be “legal to sleep with,” and how reviewers mentioned her “budding breasts.”

The message from our culture was obvious to Portman when she was 13 years old. “I felt the need to hide my body and restrain my expression and work in order to convey to the world my own message: that I am a person deserving of safety and respect. My behaviour was controlled by the responses to my expression, which ranged from casual remarks about my body to menacing threats made on purpose.


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Ukraine-Russia war, Russia threatens the US 2 with “unforeseeable consequences” if it continues to arm Ukraine?




Ukraine-Russia war, The United States is preparing to send a package of military equipment worth 800 million that includes 500 anti-tank missiles, 200 armored cars and 11 helicopters, among others.

Ukraine enters the 51st day of war. Kyiv has registered strong explosions this morning, the most significant in the Ukrainian capital since Russian troops withdrew from the area and concentrated their efforts in the east of the country. Bombings also in Kherson. Russia ‘s setbacks in the war in Ukraine may lead Russian President Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons, according to the CIA.

Russia demands the US to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine

Russia has sent a diplomatic letter to the United States this week warning that if it does not stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, there will be “unforeseeable consequences” , according to The Washington Post published this Friday.

The aforesaid newspaper same it had access to the diplomatic note, during which Russian capital warns that the arms shipments by the America and North Atlantic Treaty Organization to country area unit “adding fuel” to the conflict which they may trigger “unpredictable consequences”.

Hours before the Post advanced the news, the CNN channel conjointly same it had access to the document.

On Wednesday, the president of the us, Joe Biden , communicated to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, the causation of a further package of military help price 800 million greenbacks, with additional fatal weapons , to face Russia within the new section of the invasion additional targeted on Donbas.

After speaking by phone with Zelensky, Biden said in a statement that weapons from the United States and other Western countries have been “crucial” for Ukraine to resist the Russian invasion in the first month and a half of war, with a “devastating effect” for Ukraine. Russia’s goals.

According to the list released by the Pentagon, the new military assistance includes for the first time , since the beginning of the invasion on February 24, 18 Howitzers 155-millimeter cannons with 40,000 ammunition ; To which are added 10 AN/TPQ-36 type anti-artillery radars and two AN/MPQ-54 air surveillance radars.

The package also contains 300 Switchblade drones (which have anti-armor warheads),500 Javelin anti-tank missiles, 200 armored personnel carriers, 100 Humvees light armored vehicles,11 Mi-17 helicopters , 30,000 armored helmets and uniforms, and 2,000 laser and optical binoculars.

More than 900 bodies of civilians appear in the kyiv region

More than 900 civilian bodies have been found in the outskirts of Kyiv after the withdrawal of Russian forces, most of them shot dead, according to Ukrainian police. Many of these people were “simply executed”.

As explained by Andriy Nebytov, head of the Kyiv regional police force, the bodies were abandoned in the streets or given temporary burials. According to this police information, 95% died from gunshot wounds. “Consequently, we tend to perceive that beneath the (Russian) occupation, individuals were merely dead within the streets,” Nebytov same.

Blinken predicts that the war in country might last till the tip of 2022

The Secretary of State of the us, Antony Blinken, has transmitted to his European counterparts that Washington considers that the war in country might last till the tip of 2022, in line with sources to that the yankee chain CNN has had access.

Ukraine-Russia war gunsources

These same sources have conveyed the “concern” that within the international community in the face of the expectation that a conflict will be prolonged even more, taking into account that there are no signs that the Russian president exists’s aspirations will change in the short term Vladimir Putin.

This suspicion that the war could last so long stems from the belief that the possible major Russian offensive expected in eastern Ukraine could last between four and six months , and then end in a deadlock.

Russia bombs the outskirts of kyiv when losing its flagship

Russia bombs the outskirts of kyiv after losing its flagship Russia has begun to deploy in eastern and southern Ukraine some troops that withdrew from the north two weeks ago to prepare for its major offensive in Donbas, and has issued a warning to Kiev with a bombardment near the capital hours after losing its flagship in the Black Be.

Russia “increases the air grouping and is establishing command and management systems” within the japanese operational zone, the final workers of the Ukrainian military same.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s troops variety forty four,000 in Donbas, and Russia’s main goal is to encircle them.

The America has seen a transfer of further capabilities to Donbas, like some artillery units, air support and command and management systems.

Russia bars access to ‘The Russian capital Times’ and RFI for his or her coverage of the war

The Russian Prosecutor’s workplace has ordered the closure of the daily news internet portal ‘The Russian capital Times’ and also the French station Radio France International (RFI) at the request of the Federal Telecommunications superior Service , Roskomnadzor, for his or her coverage of the Russian invasion of Russia. Ukraine.

Russian telecommunications operators have started obstruction the online portal of the Russian service ‘The Russian capital Times’ , that isn’t any longer operational for users of the operator Ros telecom, also as different regional phone phone operators, Roskomnadzor has rumored, reports the Interfax agency.

Ukraine assures that Russia is unable to realize full management of Mariupol

Ukrainian authorities make a case for that because of the extraordinary fighting, Russia is unable to require full management of Mariupol, on a daily basis when Russian capital claimed to own “liberated” abundant of town, as well as its main port, till then from the neo-Nazi paramilitary squad. Azov Battalion.

“The union of 2 military formations in Mariupol has been a superb military science operation,” same the voice for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Alexander Motuzianik.

“The scenario in Mariupol is difficult, the fight continues. The Russian Army is consistently recruiting new units to storm town, however they need not been able to pull it off nevertheless ”, he stressed.
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