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You Have Got To See This Deer Lick The Rifle!



This Deer Lick has so much trust that it’s unbelievable. Either that or he’s deaf. Regardless they don’t get any more adorable! Watch the guy shooting and then everyone else freak out because the deer is about to walk right in front of his barrage of bullets! its really funny.

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Casey Sanders

Casey Sanders 1 Ever Seen A Naked Man While Hunting?




Casey Sanders is out minding his own business hunting on his own property one morning when the unexpected happens! He said he showed up at his tree stand to bow hunt when all of the sudden he hears someone yell.

Casey Sanders Naked Man

Glancing over towards the sound he sees a man, nacked from head to toe, standing in the middle of a creek leaning on a walking stick. I don’t know about you, but how in the hell DO you react to that? LOL Thankfully, Casey is a great guy and while he was rightfully very cautious and uncertain (I’m sure he kept great situational awareness throughout), in true patriot style he got this guy some help (the guy finally remembered a phone number) and took him out of there. And didn’t call the cops!

IMAGE SOURCE Casey Sanders

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